Your style, different every time

Swappie, the unconventional bed by Family Bedding, is much more than just a bed: it is a dynamic work of art that adapts to your tastes and your needs. Its distinctive feature is the option to customise its appearance thanks to the interchangeable and multicoloured backrests. hether you want an explosion of bright colours or an elegant combination of neutral shades, you can easily modify the appearance of the bed to suit your style and preferences. Every day, you can create a new atmosphere in your room, making Swappie a focal point amid the furniture.

But Swappie’s versatility doesn’t stop there. This bed is equipped with a second pull-out bed, which is hidden under the main structure. This means that you will always have a solution ready for unexpected guests or to create a welcoming environment for your loved ones.

With Swappie, the originality and high quality that characterise each Family Bedding product blend harmoniously with functionality, offering an uncompromising experience.

Let yourself be inspired