Maximum comfort and durability.

With its soft and welcoming shapes, Kiko Air offers optimal support for maximum relaxation. Its generous shapes and thoughtful design combine harmoniously to create a welcoming and refined environment in your living room. Kiko Air by Family Bedding is available in various combinations, from four seats with a chaise longue and the chaise longue with storage, which offer unparalleled flexibility to perfectly adapt to your space and your needs. You can also opt for the single armchair to create a personal relaxation corner. With Kiko Air, you have the possibility to choose between different variants of soft and enveloping armrests, offering you solutions that adapt to your style and your comfort needs. Practicality is a strength of Kiko Air, as it is removable.

This allows you to remove and wash the linings, keeping the sofa always fresh and clean over time. The Luxury Memory mattress, which is 17 cm high, offers adequate support for a restful sleep. In addition, Kiko offers a 5-year warranty on the mechanism, offering you peace of mind and security in the use of the sofa bed over the years. Kiko Air by Family Bedding is the ideal sofa bed for those looking for an enveloping and comfortable experience.

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