Comfort and style for your living room

The Grand Prix sofa bed by Family Bedding offers a comfortable and cosy seat that allows you to relax and enjoy maximum comfort during the day: the padded backrest guarantees extra support for the back, offering an optimal position for relaxation. The reclining headrests allow you to adjust the inclination according to your preferences, offering additional support for the head and neck. The Luxury Memory mattress, 21 cm high, offers superior comfort during the night: thanks to its memory foam structure, it adapts to the contours of your body, offering adequate support and a restful sleep. Grand Prix is also equipped with a practical cushion holder, which allows you to keep the additional cushions always at hand, making the sitting experience even more comfortable and personalised.

In addition, you can choose from various styles of armrests: Slim, Midi, Regular or Soft. The squarer armrests give a modern and minimalist look, while the soft armrests add a touch of softness and warmth.

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