One sofa, two beds: enjoy maximum relaxation and versatility

Bombay is an innovative furnishing solution that stands out for the maximum level of comfort and versatility it offers. This extraordinary removable seating sofa is designed to meet your relaxation needs by allowing you to choose between two different seating options: with a simple movement the Bombay seat stretches, increasing the depth of the resting space and ensuring optimal support for your body.

But Bombay hides an even more surprising secret: a second pull-out bed, ready to use at any time. Whether you have guests who want to spend the night with you, or you just want to have a roll-away bed ready right away, Bombay’s pull-out bed offers a convenient and comfortable solution. With a simple movement, the bed reveals itself and, thanks to the covered handlebar that also serves as a small headboard, you will add a touch of extra comfort for you and your guests.

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