Bed ready in a twist

Twister, the three-seater of pure comfort which, with a single twist, transforms into a single bed without taking up additional space. This one-of-a-kind mechanism allows Twister to be converted into a single bed with a quick rotation of the backrest on itself: there are no additional complications or bulk, just rotate the backrest and the sofa magically transforms into a ready bed for use.

Inside the backrest, in fact, you will find a high-quality mattress with a height of 22 cm, the size of a standard single bed. The mattress is made of Memory Foam, which guarantees optimal comfort for a regenerating rest.

Twister combines uncompromising practicality and comfort, offering a high-quality sleep experience without sacrificing available space. Whether you have unexpected guests or just want to enjoy a restful night’s sleep, Twister is the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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