The perfect mix between practicality and elegance

The aesthetics of Tulip blend perfectly with shabby chic environments, adding a touch of charm and romance to the furniture. I dettagli curati, come le rifiniture in stile country e i tessuti di qualità, contribuiscono a creare un’atmosfera accogliente e familiare.

The attention to detail, such as the country-style finishes and quality fabrics, help to create a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. This sofa bed by Family Bedding combines comfort and versatility: extremely comfortable thanks to the soft feather cushions, it can lengthen its seat with a quick and simple movement, increasing the depth of the space dedicated to relaxation. This feature allows you to create a cosy and comfortable rest area in no time.

Tulip is an ideal option for those looking for a versatile sofa that adapts to the different needs of use, both to relax during the day and to comfortably accommodate guests during the night, in fact it can be easily transformed into a single, double, or twin bed with a simple movement.

This sofa bed can blend harmoniously into elegant but informal environments, offering comfort and practicality without sacrificing style.

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