Style, versatility, and relaxation

The Smile sofa bed is a perfect choice for those who want to combine comfort and style in a single piece of furniture. Its soft lines give a welcoming and inviting atmosphere to any living space. One of the distinctive features of the Smile sofa bed is the generous armrests, which offer a comfortable and flexible support, creating a harmonious appearance.

Customisation is another key element of the Smile sofa bed: the feet painted in elegant anthracite, available in two different heights (8 cm and 13 cm), allow you to adapt the sofa to your needs and design preferences, giving a unique and distinctive touch to your environment, while the Luxury Memory mattress is available in both the 13 cm and the Magnum version, which is 17 cm high. Both mattress options are designed to offer a regenerating rest, allowing you to rest and recharge your energy in total comfort

Choosing the Smile sofa bed means combining aesthetics, comfort, and practicality in a single piece of furniture.

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