Functional elegance in your living room

Liss cut is a sofa bed that stands out for its contemporary taste, with clean and elegant lines that adapt perfectly to modern environments. Its chrome feet, 13 cm high, give a touch of refinement and help to lift the sofa from the ground, giving it a light and airy look.

But it is not only the aesthetic aspect that makes Liss cut by Family Bedding a superb sofa bed: the feather padding guarantees enveloping comfort and a pleasant sitting experience, while the Luxury Memory mattress, with a thickness of 13 cm, offers exceptional support for a regenerating rest.

You can customise your sofa bed by adding a chaise longue or opt for an angular chaise longue to make the most of the available space. In addition, there are matching armchairs to complement the furnishings and create a welcoming and harmonious environment. To add additional elements of comfort and style, you can also opt for a coordinated pouffe.