Style and elegance on the move

Butterfly, the convertible sofa by Family Bedding, offers the perfect combination of functionality, style, and design. With the backrest reclining in several positions, it adapts to different needs and can be modelled to become a bed base or a large chaise-longue. It is the ideal complement for those who wish to furnish their space in a versatile and attractive way. But it’s not just functionality that sets Butterfly apart. The highly effective chrome-plated steel feet give the sofa a modern and elegant look. These feet add a touch of sophistication and style, making Butterfly suitable not only for domestic environments, but also for public or executive ones. The combination of high-quality materials and an attractive design make it an eye-catcher in any environment. Butterfly is perfect for those who want a functionally furnished space with a touch of design, style, and elegance.

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