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... My grandfather and my father never produced sofa beds.

Nobody in my family taught me this job.Sofa beds! It’s my adventure! An idea, that with passion and humility, I have been pursuing for some years now. The two people drawn in the Family Bedding logo are in fact myself and my wife. We drew it after we created our first sofa.
We have a numerous family and it is for this
reason that we have called the firm


When you are a big family, you simply
cannot make mistakes in purchasing itmes.
Everything you buy must satisfy the exact requirementit is bought for. I always remember this thought when I produce a sofa.I cannot produce or sell something that I would not buy myself. A sofa is an important purchase.

It is part of our home and of our life for a long time to come. It must be comfortable and well built with a discerning eye that chooses the best products to guarantee comfort and durability throughout the years. It must be a quality sofa. I think that quality is the basis for every project. I think that quality should not simply signify a higher cost but rather a better product. This is the starting point for a durable idea. For this reason, good quality is the basis on which I develop my firm... and my sofas.

Stefano Casoli

official owner

Family Bedding 

marchio S.M.C. ITALIA s.r.l.


Via Gran Sasso, 6

20823 Lentate sul Seveso (MB)

Tel: +39 0362 560 566

Fax: +39 0362 572 728

Email: Info@familybedding.it

C.F.:   07128180150

P. IVA: 12059170154

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